“85% of Business use the internet and yet only 65% have a website or online presence. If they cannot found you, they will find your competition.”
Esther Anderson

Is your Staff Properly Trained for them to Understand their Roles and Responsibilities?

Employees and their skill development is very important in your company growth. As a small business owner, you may think that staff training is not as important as it is in big companies. Always remember, company training helps you build trust and confidence that your staff understand their roles and responsibilities within the business.

Business Training Courses

  • Marketing for Tradies
  • Build your own Digital Strategy
  • Grow your Business Online
  • Building your Ecommerce Store
  • Learn how to Manage your WordPress Website
  • Video Marketing for Business
  • Reputation Management

Marketing for Tradies

Learn how to stand out from your competition, never have to undercut your prices and to build     your own dedicated following.

Build your own Digital Strategy

You need a place to start, you can't just jump in and hope it works. Plan your DS for maximum impact

Grow your Business Online

Utilising the power of Social Media. It is not all about Buy Local. Look for other opportunities.

Building your Ecommerce Store

Whether you use WooCommerce or Shopify, understand the background of marketing online.

Learn how to Manage your WordPress Website

Want control of your own website? Understand how to upload posts, manage plugins and resize images.

Video Marketing for Business

Video is King. What is the difference between Youtube, Facebook Live, Uploaded videos and how to feature your business and product.

Reputation Management

What happens when you have a bad review? How do reply to a customer with a high social reach? Understand how to turn a bad scenario into a happy client.

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