“Everything can be faked on the Internet. Believe nothing, trust no one.”
Esther Anderson

How safe are you when going online?
Do you even have to be online to be hacked?

There are over 5 million devices connecting to the internet each day. Smart Fridges, Stoves, Coffee machines, Air conditioning, light systems.

What about Google Home, Amazons Alexa and Apple Siri?


Think about this:  Your computer and your mobile phone need regular updates to perform better,  and stay safe with the latest security updates.So what about your devices? Don't then need updating too?

All devices are connected to Wifi whether at home or out and about.


Think about Heart Pacemakers, what if someone hacked your pacemaker and gave you one hour to hand over all your cash? Sounds impossible? It has already happened!


It is not even about being online, a users remote access, connection via wifi or through software updates or downloads.In this day and age, all things are possible. By the time you think about them, it has already happened.   


Now what about your lighting system. It is connected to the wifi, and how often is that updated?

How can you protect yourself, your home and your business?

Most importantly, how do you teach your children and seniors to understand this mythical beast called the Internet.


Our Cyber Safety courses are specifically designed to bring awareness and understanding to each focus group.

Best of all they are FREE!


Visit our training site for more details.

Cyber Safety Courses

  • Cyber Safety to Protect your Business
  • Cyber Safety in your Home
  • Cyber Safety for Children
  • Cyber Safety for the Elderly

Cyber Safety for Children

It is not just physical health you need to look after your children but their mental health as well. Do you know what to do? How to keep them safe online or in the event something happens, where to next?

Do you know how to handle:

  • CyberBullying
  • Social Networking
  • Unwanted Contact
  • Sexting
  • Inappropriate Content; and
  • Online Safeguards

We provide guidance, what to look out for and resources that can assist when dealing with this and your children.

Cyber Safety for Seniors / the Elderly

Unfortunately for Seniors, growing up in a world before computers, where one thought for themselves, actually creates difficulties now where computers are in every facet of society. How do they do banking, contact Dept of Social Security, even now just making a phone call with a smart phone is working in an unknown spaced.

If they cant attend, then attend on their behalf so you can provide them with informed knowledge on how to stay safe.

Cyber Safety for Home

At night we make sure that our locks are set and that every one is safe and sound in the their beds. We ensure the safety of our home from bad people who want to do us physical harm unknowingly allowing other burglars to step into our home while we sleep. In this course, you will learn how to safeguard your home devices especially new technologies developed to aid us with day to day tasks in our home. Topics covered include:

  • Hack proofing internet connections
  • Identifying Scam emails
  • Dangers and Benefits of setting up Google Home or Amazon Alexa
  • Devices you don’t expect to be hacked such as Smart appliances and Pacemakers.

Cyber Safety to Protect your Business

Keep your business safe and secure. Learn how to protect your business online from hackers and understand how to identify phishing and hacking when it happens. Understand that hackers may go through your digital footprint to learn how to penetrate within the company and take advantage of your security vulnerability to perform cyber crimes.

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