What is digital Anyway? 
What Difference does it make in Business?
Why do I Need it?

What is digital Anyway? 
What Difference does it make in Business?
Why do I Need it?

Are you just learning to get online and not sure where to start? 

Gain understanding and insights on how the Internet can promote your Business to put you ahead of your competition.

  • Learn why Social Media is the advantage to promoting your business online.
  • Does your Website work for you? How do you know?
  • Why Search Engines rule the world. Does Google know you exist?
  • Is the Internet and technology a mystery to you and your business? Need to learn?
  • How do you get Online and make it work for you and your business?
  • We can answer these questions and more.....

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"Hanging out with the amazing Esther Anderson this morning! This woman is a vessel of pure wisdom and we are forever grateful to have her coach and guide us through the vast terrain, not only of business... look... NOT ONLY OF BUSINESS, MARKETING, THE "HOW TO", DEMISTIFYING the DIGITAL WORLD, but of LIFE my friends. Armed with experience and boss like intelligence, this woman has helped us to reverse engineer from our WHY so we can do our best to serve.

This lady has put us in a bow and fired us to the moon like an arrow on fire!

Thanks a million Esther Anderson look foward to the future!"

Jude Young + Esther Joy
x+o — with Esther Joy, Jude Young and Esther Anderson.

About the Presentor:

Esther Anderson

Esther Anderson's journey took her through e-commerce, website builds, online marketing, domain name trading, eBay and Amazon stores, event promotion, social media management to make a few niches. She had a lot of learning along the way.
Her expertise in assisting Business Owners to build their digital strategy brought her to appear on the ABC Radio to talk about Cyber Safety and Deciphering the Internet.
Esther is also writing her first book: Demystifying your Digital

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