“Knowledge is a weapon. I intend to be formidably armed.”
Terry Goodkind
We have broken our course content down into categories to suit each industry.

Note you do not have to attend all of them, or in any particular order. Each course is a stand alone module.

The average length of course is 2 hours with 30 mins allowed for Q&A or additional scope, unless stated otherwise.

If the course you are interested is not listed, please contact us.

Courses are held in a Classroom environment but can be booked for onsite businesses or One-to-one booked at home.

Contact us for further information or sign up to our Newsletter to receive advance notice (plus discounts).


  • Marketing for Tradies
  • -   Learn how to stand out from your competition,       never have to undercut your prices and to build     your own dedicated following.

  • Build your own Digital Strategy
  • -   You need a place to start, you can't just jump in     and hope it works. Plan your DS for maximum         impact

  • Grow your Business Online
  • - Utilising the power of Social Media. It is not all about Buy Local. Look for other opportunities.

  • Building your Ecommerce Store
  • - Whether you use WooCommerce or Shopify, understand the background of marketing online.

  • Learn how to Manage your WordPress Website
  • -Want control of your own website? Understand how to upload posts, manage plugins and resize images.

  • Video Marketing for Business
    -Video is King. What is the difference between Youtube, Facebook Live, Uploaded videos and how to feature your business and product.
  • Reputation Management
  • -What happens when you have a bad review? How do reply to a customer with a high social reach? Understand how to turn a bad scenario into a happy client.

Social Media

  • Marketing with TripAdvisor
  • How to use Tripadvisor to your advantage. Hacks and tips to maximise your listing and interaction with customers.
  • Build a Business Facebook Page
  • - What builds a stand out profile that gets engagement?
  • Linkedin for Professionals
  • -Is Linkedin only an online CV or is there more? Learn how to interact on a higher level to connect with clients and peers.
  • Twitter for Professionals
  • -Who uses Twitter and Why? What role does Twitter play in your social portfolio?
  • Instagram for Foodies
  • -Present images that gain traction and are avidly reposted. Understand the Power of Instagram.
  • Social Media for Real Estate
  • -Trying to sell property in a flooded market? How to design creative campaigns that get your house sold and you as the noted agent!
  • Social Media for Financial Advisors

-Whether it be Linkedin, Facebook or other platforms. learn what to present to peers and where, and what to speak to clients and where.

Cyber Safety

  • Cyber Safety to Protect your Business
  • Cyber Safety in your Home
  • Cyber Safety for Children
  • Cyber Safety for the Elderly


  • Design your own Digital Strategy
  • Building your Social Media
  • Making Money Online-Build an Affiliate Store
  • Learn how to manage your Website

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