It is best to start from the beginning,
that way you can either learn what you don’t know, get a refresher, or correct bad habits.

Everyone has to start somewhere and learning a computer or how to be online is no different BUT the interesting thing is that you purchase a smart phone or a laptop and pretty much ‘Learn as you Go’.

Then often you don’t have time to go back to the beginning but there is so much you miss out on.

You may want or need to learn the basics of computing for yourself or for a new job. There are many reasons why you need to know what to do.


  • Banking,
  • Govt portals,
  • Shopping,
  • Booking appointments,
  • Being Social or staying in touch with Family and Friends

It’s actually very easy and the Government has also supplied Free Online training that you can undertake at any time.


  • Click “SHOP NOW” button below
  • On the Be Connected website, click “Start Learning” button
  • On the next page, click “Start Your Learning Plan”
  • Click “Let’s Begin” button and answer a few questions
  • When you enter your details, be sure to select “Teck-nology Design & Marketing as your training provider.
  • Once you have activated your emailed confirmation link, you are all set to peruse the list of courses and learn anytime it suits you.

Topics Include:

The Absolute Basics:

  • Explaining the differences in hardware: Computer, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone
  • What is the internet?

Staying Safe Online:

  • Safe passwords, How to pay your Bills safely online
  • Avoiding scams and tricks
  • Downloading and saving documents
  • Where to get Help and Support for Online Problems

Getting to know your device:

  • How to use a Keyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen, Computer itself, Programs and Files

Getting Started Online:

  • Using the internet, online forms, email and search engines
  • Introduction to Internet Safety, Security of your Computer and Personal Data, Secure Online Payment and Child Safety

About the Be Connected Network

The Be Connected Network is coordinated by Good Things Foundation which aims to establish and support a national network of community organisations who will support older Australians to thrive in a digital world.

Visit to learn more.

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