“Everything can be faked on the Internet. Believe nothing, trust no one.”
Esther Anderson

Are You Always Updated with Trends, Tools and Knowledge You Need to Succeed?

As small business owners, we thrive to keep our business afloat by making sure that we provide our clients with the latest information on our niche regularly. It is always beneficial to ensure that you are always updated with trends, tools and knowledge by participating in workshops that aim to provide you with these. These workshops are designed for beginners and intermediate marketers and business owners who want to be hands on with marketing.


  • Design your own Digital Strategy
  • Building your Social Media
  • Making Money Online-Build an Affiliate Store
  • Learn how to manage your Website

Design your own Digital Strategy

In this workshop, learn how to enhance your Digital Strategy by learning about Analytics Tools, Latest trends in online marketing, and know-how in keeping your target audience interested.

Building your Social Media

Learn and identify what Social Media is best for your business. Understand how to make Social Media work for you in generating more income for the business.

Making Money Online - Build an Affiliate Store

Learn how to make the internet work for you by building an affiliate store. Understand what is affiliate marketing. Build a business online that does not require you to shell out big bucks or does not ask for too much of your time. DYD will teach you how to build your store in Shopify, Amazon, Etsy and other top affiliate stores from scratch.

Learn how to manage your Website

Does it always cost you to ask your IT to add/change texts and images on your website. Have you had an inspiration to write a blog and wanted to update your website immediately but do not know how? Learn the basics in managing your website so you do not have to ask your IT to. Saves you money and ensures that all the hours that you pay for website maintenance goes to securing your website from hackers and malware attacks.

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